Pilot most sustainable CLA of the Netherlands

That's part of discovery: as expected, everything turns out differently.
(A banner with: Pilot sustainable CLA. Gerard de Koe:)
GERARD DE KOE: We have agreed in the CLA (collective labour agreement)
that we want to go a step further in sustainability
and also ask employees, we have 140,000 employees in the national government,
to come up with their own ideas: how would you like to make the CLA more sustainable?
Fourteen ideas were developed further and tested.
We looked at: is there support? What is the impact of the idea? Is it feasible?
Today they presented that.
(Image text: Pitch 1. Stimulate private train use. Pitch 2. Different transportation options, one trip.)
That's 'n issue we should work out in the next phase.
(Image text: Pitch 4: Give items a second life. Jessie Klein and Lilian Reinders:)
JESSIE KLEIN: We are now in the process of seeing
whether we can establish a repair budget for employees.
LILIAN REINDERS: Challenging sometimes. (LAUGHS)
No, a lot of fun. A lot of ideas.
You start with a lot of ambitions.
Once it's also pretty concrete, you can actually work it out so very well.
JESSIE: We're hoping to put down a creative pitch that sets it in motion.
(Image text: Pitch 6. In the middle of society.)
JOOST HELLEGERS: We thought: if we make it easier,
more people will do it that way.
We have a menu of sustainable outings,
we presented it to see:
does it work for you? What doesn't work? How can it be done better?
YNTSE KOENEN: It's different than usual
because often you tend to discuss it with just a few people,
and now of course it's a very large group
so a lot of people are involved in making a choice.
DIEDERIK VAN LUIJK: You start working at the central government
and you get a huge pile of devices.
People usually already have laptops privately as well.
MAN: Which of you got a smartphone?
DIEDERIK: Then we had a sign-up sheet open for a week as an experiment.
People who said: When are they going to do this? I'm waiting for this.
Through the "Denk Doe Duurzaam" team they already had a whole structure,
they brought in a team to work with Sem Carree,
colleagues of his who are used to working on innovations in business.
(Thus Diederik van Luijk. Image text: Pitch 11. Down with the concrete offices. Pitch 12. Where is my workplace? Pitch 13. Make your house more sustainable. Pitch 14. Broadening IKB. 
The jury
BAS VAN WEEGBERG: Fantastic results from the teams,
but also nice to see how much passion and energy they put into it
to actually make climate concrete in the CLA and beyond.
MARCIA VAN DOOREN: What I really like,
is that colleagues from all parts of the organisation
have found each other on this theme,
but also that we are really going to give this a concrete follow-up
and do that together with the unions.
DEIRDRE VAN GAMEREN: That's what you need as an organization,
the behavioral change of your employees,
and we saw that today.
WOMAN: From IKB to a sustainable IKB.
(A man walks happily to a podium.)
WOMAN: Discuss It.
(A woman climbs the stage with a smile on her face.)
WOMAN: Where is my workplace?
(From the packed auditorium, another man steps onto the stage.)
The decision of my colleagues in the jury group is
that we are going to do all eleven other activities as well.
MARIJ DERKSEN: The government has an exemplary role,
but we do have a shared responsibility,
we have to do it together.